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REX’s Leadership Team

Find out more about our leaders. Each speaks publicly about the ongoing transformation in real estate, the role technology and data continues to play in creating pro-consumer solutions across the industry, and REX’s social mission.

JACK RYAN, CEO & Co-Founder
LYNLEY SIDES, President, COO & Co-Founder

About REX

REX, the company leading the digital real estate economy, is upending how Americans interact with real estate — from buying and selling processes to managing all aspects of your home, including maintenance, landscaping, mortgage, escrow, title, insurance, and moving. Our technology and commitment to the fullest service and greatest cost savings on the market help consumers unlock the wealth in their homes. Our team:

  • streamlines the real estate transaction through use of AI, automation, and data

  • offers a suite of services around home buying and selling, including insurance, title & escrow, and mortgage, to reduce time and money spent with third-party vendors.

  • is growing rapidly during COVID-19 due to our digital capabilities, with record-high listings, virtual tours, escrows, and closings. Why? REX stands out from our competitors like Redfin by offering consumers the greatest cost-savings in the industry and providing users with a full suite of online tools and services.

  • is increasing job mobility for Americans during COVID-19 by allowing consumers to shop, buy and relocate to the next chapter of their lives - all online at

  • introduces new home management through the company’s predictive tech and ability to anticipate homeowners’ needs throughout the transaction, but also over the span of homeownership.

  • recently launched AllHomes, a new tool which lists every home in the U.S. market at a price thousands of dollars cheaper than all of our competitors by working to reduce the hidden buy-side expenses in every traditional real estate transaction.

  • is headquartered in Austin, TX and run by engineers, data scientists, and market experts with prior experience at Google, Facebook, Uber, Amazon, and Apple.

  • now services homes across Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia and Washington DC.

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Changing The Way Consumers Buy And Sell Real Estate

Unlike traditional brokers, REX licensed agents are salaried and incentivized to satisfy customers rather than to just close transactions in pursuit of a fast commission. Our team partners with sellers and buyers from listing to close, and shares with them the information they need via an easy-to-use web dashboard. REX is uniquely designed to simplify all of the moving parts, helping consumers with escrow, titling, service connections, mortgage and insurance shopping while securing all of the data related to the transaction and the home.

The REX Vision

REX Model Puts Real Estate Consumers Back In Control

Today’s home shopping experience is painful and outdated. The search-to-purchase process is unnecessarily complicated and time-consuming. Most consumers independently start their search online. After putting in all the hard work to find the home they like, nearly all websites refer them off-platform to a third party traditional agent (sometimes, multiple agents) to complete the transaction. The traditional homebuying process can take months to complete and often introduces the buyer to numerous vendors along the way, many of whom are not transparent about their costs This exhausting journey ends with homebuyers families ceding valuable time and hard-earned money — just to get in the front door of the home they’d picked out months earlier, all on their own. 

Consumers are challenging the status quo in multiple lawsuits coast-to-coast and voicing their frustration with costs and lack of transparency. It’s time for change, and REX is leading the way using the latest technology and data.

Made For This Moment

Users Save Thousands of Dollars With REX

  • Users save an average of $12,600 per transaction at REX — approximately $6,000 to $9,000 on the buy-side of the transaction after launching AllHomes.

  • In fact, public data tracking national real estate sales show Americans could tap into $56 to $61 billion in savings each year if consumers utilized AllHomes and REX’s suite of services.

  • REX is already saving American consumers millions — approximately $26 million to date. New tech tools are creating value for REX consumers as the company continues to launch products and services such as AllHomes.

REX’s Social Mission

REX works as a partner in the global fight against housing insecurity and was built on the foundation of creating opportunities for others and giving back. For every 50 homes REX sells, we donate one to a family that doesn't have one. Along with our non-profit partner World Housing, we have built homes for the less fortunate in Cambodia and Colombia.

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