Andy Barkett

Chief Technology Officer

Andy Barkett is REX’s Chief Technology Officer. Andy is working to transform and disrupt the residential real estate industry by fundamentally changing the way homes are sold through AI, machine learning, data integration, and digital marketing.

Prior to joining REX, Andy served as Senior Manager, Production Engineering at Facebook. In this role, Andy managed engineering for all major product groups at Facebook, including newsfeed, search, messaging, ads, mobile, and payments. His infrastructure engineering groups at Facebook tackled reliability, scalability, performance and automation for hundreds of services on many thousands of servers. During his tenure, Andy grew his engineering team from 6 people to over 100 in just two years.

Andy also spent time as a Technical Program Manager at Google, serving as a manager-at-large for new search products and features. He worked with teams including web-spam prevention, multi-language search, custom search engines, word-stem recognition, mobile search, and page-ranking algorithms.

Andy began his engineering career at OnWafer technologies in 2002, where he worked with UC Berkeley professors and graduate students to build an in-situ semiconductor manufacturing metrology solution for statistical process control and yield enhancement. OnWafer was sold to KLA Tencor in 2007.

More About Andy:

  • Andy has 15 years of experience in engineering and technology in a variety of fields: including adtech, databases, search, semiconductors, robotics, consumer electronics, and gaming.

  • Andy has been a featured speaker at DataConLA and VentureBeat Summit and has spoken all over the country on topics such as technical leadership, data security, blockchain in real estate, and big data infrastructure.

  • Andy earned his BA from UC Berkeley and MBA from UC Davis. He currently teaches the Big Data class in the UC Davis MS in Business Analytics program in San Francisco.

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