Austin-based Tech Firms Announce Partnership To Streamline Real Estate Inspections

REX users benefiting from full-service platform which takes advantage of Repair Pricer's advanced home inspections process, gives users a digital snapshot of repairs in just 24 hours

(AUSTIN, TEXAS, Wednesday August 26) — REX, the real estate technology company connecting buyers and sellers online, today announced they have partnered with fellow Austin-based AI company Repair Pricer ( to improve client and agent safety and satisfaction by reducing person-to-person contact during the real estate transaction period. By leveraging Repair Pricer’s innovative remote repair estimation process, REX is now able to provide accurate repair estimates to their clients and agents without a contractor ever stepping foot in the seller’s home. 

The home inspection period following an offer signing is the most crucial window to assess the quality of a home, identify necessary repairs and estimate costs, but typically lasts 3-5 days, with a constant stream of contractors visiting the seller’s home to provide repair estimates. Repair Pricer removes the need for the seller to keep their home open during this time, by converting home inspection reports into accurate cost estimates in just 24 hours or less.

“We are extremely proud to partner with Repair Pricer to not only keep our clients and agents safe during the novel coronavirus pandemic, but also introduce greater service and convenience during the real estate transaction,” said Jack Ryan, REX Co-Founder and President. “When we founded REX, our goal was to help buyers and sellers avoid excessive costs and burdens associated with the traditional model, deliver better and faster service, and open the doors to homeownership for more Americans.

Repair Pricer ticks all those boxes for us, while also delivering a more convenient solution for everyone involved in the transaction.”

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