Episode 2: Housing Affordability, Issues and Solutions

Northwestern University economist Ben Harris joins Rob Hahn to discuss housing affordability and tech innovations driving cost savings in the market

Michael Toth, SVP of Public Policy at REX, recently spoke with economist Ben Harris and real estate consultant Rob Hahn about technology and trends in real estate during COVID-19. Ben is the chief economist for Vice President Joe Biden and a professor at the Kellogg School of Management. Rob is the founder and Managing Partner of 7DS Associates and the writer of the popular real estate well-known blog Notorious R.O.B.

Rob and Ben covered a range of topics including the digital push in real estate, the ways in which COVID-19 is spurring the pace of innovation, and how policymakers can leverage technology to improve the consumer experience around buying and selling homes.

Rob, who recently purchased a home through REX, also discussed how REX’s Buyer Rebate Program provided a real savings that he used to help cover his moving expenses.

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