Broker Speaks Out Against the NAR and MLS, compares MLSs to a "police force”

Los Angeles-based broker-owner Courtney Poulos criticized the NAR and MLS at the Inman Connect conference

Poulos critiqued NAR and MLS policies and the association’s lagging response to an increasingly virtual market, at a time when traditional labor costs are being reduced thanks to consumer-friendly technology and greater efficiency.

“What I see the role currently of the MLS is as a kind of police force and very restrictive enforcement of [the National Association of Realtors] new policies, as opposed to agent support in a changing technological environment,” Poulos said.

Poulos’s comments also touch on the ongoing tension surrounding the large brokerages’ resistance to smaller, tech-forward firms, which offer lowered costs and a better customer experience through innovation and digitization. The brokerages’ attempts to lock out these smaller firms now face widespread criticism and even attention from the Department of Justice—which filed a suit against the NAR in Nov. 2020.

Poulos’s view received support from other real estate professionals, and coverage in industry publication Inman.

Read more about Poulos's stance here

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