Jack Ryan

CEO & Co-Founder

JACK RYAN was named one of the Seven Most Interesting People in Real Estate of 2019. In March of that year, Jack laid out the problems in traditional real estate and decried the $60 billion extracted annually from Americans to line the pockets of the National Association of Realtors and its brokers. He continues to lead the national movement for pro-consumer reform.

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More About Jack:

  • Since co-founding REX, Jack has raised over $160M in capital from investors including Lion Capital, Scott McNealy, co-founder of Sun Microsystems; Dick Schulze, founder of Best Buy; Jeb Bush, former Governor of Florida; Chris Christie, former Governor of New Jersey; Alan Wexler, SVP of Innovation and Growth at GM; Gordon Segal, founder of Crate & Barrel, and more.

  • An experienced entrepreneur, Jack founded 22nd Century Media, which grew to Illinois’ third-largest media company.

  • Jack was a former partner at Goldman Sachs and has served as a board member at multiple companies, including First Health, a $3 billion public company, and Pages Jeunes, a French public company with a $2 billion capitalization.

  • He is also committed to social causes; Jack was a high school teacher on Chicago’s South Side. After law school and business school, he spent time working in a refugee camp. Jack is dedicated to REX’s mission to work in the global fight against housing insecurity and has emerged as a thought leader on the inequities in real estate that drive the racial wealth gap in the United States.

  • As the largest shareholder in REX, the Ryan family has dedicated most of their shares in the company to building loving boarding schools for talented children who lost their parents.

  • Jack received an MBA from Harvard Business School and J.D. with Honors from Harvard Law School and graduated summa cum laude from Dartmouth College. He is also a member of the Harvard Alumni Real Estate Board.

  • Jack appears regularly on national TV and radio talk shows to discuss the real estate market, technology, and entrepreneurship.

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