NAR to Federal Court in REX Case: Ignore the DOJ

Andrea Brambila writes for Inman about REX’s continued industry reform efforts

The headline says it all. Industry publication Inman, reports the latest development in REX's breakthrough efforts to upend the broken real estate broker space. "NAR (National Association of Realtors) to federal court in REX case: Ignore the DOJ."  Ignoring federal law enforcement agencies . . . probably not a good idea.  

That's especially the case for today's real estate brokerage market, where both the Justice Department and the White House through their directive to the FTC  have recently expressed an interest in reining in legacy practices that stifle innovation and consumer choice. Both these developments aid REX and its growth.

REX continues to leverage its platform as a change agent. After NAR's response to DOJ,  REX corrected the record just days later, with another brief in the case, which details the various ways in which NAR continues to misrepresent a prior agreement in an attempt to shield the industry from accountability to consumers. 

From Brambila’s article:

Last week, the DOJ submitted a statement of interest in the case “to prevent the drawing of unwarranted inferences from a now-expired 2008 consent decree” between the DOJ and NAR. The statement said that the DOJ had not determined whether the rule at issue in the REX case was consistent with antitrust laws, pro-competitive or lawful as part of that consent decree and the implication that the rule had been approved by the agency was “incorrect.”

On Thursday, NAR responded to the DOJ’s statement of interest by saying the DOJ was attempting to “rewrite” the history of the rule, a rule that was required in the consent decree approved by the DOJ. That approval, the 1.48 million-member trade group contends, “does show the rule is at least competition neutral (and legal)” because the DOJ “would not require NAR to adopt a policy that was anticompetitive or violated the law.”

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