REX and Mynd Partner to Deliver Property Management and Transaction Services for Users

REX users now have the option to sell or rent property based on preference and market realities, while continuing to build wealth in either scenario.

(AUSTIN, TEXAS, Tuesday, November 17) —REX and Mynd Management, two real estate technology companies, are partnering to seamlessly connect home buyers and sellers who can benefit from property management services. 

REX is reimagining how Americans buy, sell, and manage their homes online via a suite of services at Mynd Management offers industry-leading services and technology, such as 3D tours, virtual leasing and online rent collection to boost rental returns for property owners and improve the living experience for renters. When it launched in November 2020, the partnership enabled a streamlined referral process between REX and Mynd customers. If a homeowner using REX decides not to sell their home, or buys an investment property, they now have the option to explore property management through Mynd. 

“Mynd’s innovation-minded approach to residential real estate management and investing makes them the ideal REX partner. I look forward to our users experiencing the benefits of this partnership, and to the continued development of REX and Mynd’s offerings to real estate consumers,” said Mike Vinci, REX’s Director of Enterprise Sales.

“The REX and Mynd partnership introduces another tool in our growing suite of services, giving our users every possible option to manage their property and build their wealth” said Andy Barkett, REX’s Chief Technology Officer.

REX and Mynd share the same mission for the residential real estate industry — to deliver a more efficient, secure, and user-friendly experience based in technology. Mynd strives to provide peace of mind to both property owners and renters by improving leasing times, customer service, satisfaction rates, and promoter scores, as well as achieving lower delinquency rates and maximizing rental returns for its 7,000 doors nationwide. At each property it manages, Mynd guarantees reduced vacancies and steady rental income to its owners. 

Mynd’s ability to quickly find high-quality renters also benefits REX users. Mynd’s sophisticated model helps connect property managers and high-quality renters; REX successfully introduces sellers to their rental options through Mynd, while satisfying the demand of home buyers and saving users thousands of dollars in the process.

Amid COVID-19, many rental properties are left unoccupied. Historically low mortgage interest rates have driven home sales, putting pressure on housing inventory and accelerating prices, according to Freddie Mac’s Economic & Housing Research group’s October 14 report. Sellers offloading properties are unable to acquire their next home, driving up the number of potential renters.

“We appreciate this opportunity to provide our full suite of tech-enabled property management services to investors accessed by Rex. The firm’s mission to help individuals build wealth through real estate investing aligns perfectly with our goal as a company,” said Doug Brien, CEO of Mynd. “Now more than ever, investors need guidance to maximize their rental returns, reduce vacancies, and operate their properties as efficiently as possible. We are excited to help these new investors with our virtual property management services, mortgage financing opportunities, completely digital leasing experience for renters and more.” 

About REX

REX ( is upending how Americans traditionally interact with real estate — from buying and selling processes to managing all aspects of your home’s maintenance and upkeep. REX is dramatically lowering costs and improving processes in real estate to help consumers unlock the wealth in their homes. 

REX is headquartered in Austin, TX and run by engineers, data scientists, and market experts with prior experience at Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple. REX’s team of experts crafts a custom plan for each client which can draw from a suite of services such as appraisal, repairs, photography, staging, listing and marketing the home, search, virtual tours and in-person showings, escrow, mortgage, title, insurance, moving, and even ongoing repairs for new homeowners.

REX works as a partner in the global fight against housing insecurity, and was built on the foundation of creating opportunities for others and giving back. For every 50 homes sold at REX, the company builds a home for a family that would otherwise be unable to realize the dream of homeownership.

About Mynd Management

Mynd Management is a tech-enabled property management and real estate investment company serving the non-institutional sector of the single-family rental (SFR) housing market. By offering industry-leading services and features such as 3D tours, virtual leasing and online rent collection, Mynd provides an unparalleled customer experience for residents and property owners. With locations in 19 metro areas and counting, Mynd has a mission to create happy homes and healthy investments.

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