REX Continues to Enhance Digital Real Estate Platform with Release of Instant List, Significantly Streamlining Listing Process

Instant List is an industry-first tool that digitizes and automates the process of listing your home

(Austin, Texas, December 9, 2020) — REX, the technology company connecting real estate buyers and sellers online, announced the release of Instant List, a new feature that automates the listing agreement between REX’s salaried advisors and interested sellers. Instant List represents another step towards REX’s mission of streamlining the residential real estate transaction, enhancing speed, savings, market data, transparency and self-service capabilities for sellers to reduce the listing’s days on market and maximize the seller’s financial investment.

Instant List was conceived and launched during the COVID-19 global pandemic as a means of responding to consumer demand for better tools to make the best and safest financial decisions right now. REX is experiencing rapid growth during this time by offering the greatest savings in the real estate industry and meeting consumers’ specific needs with tools and services that make the real estate transaction fast, simple, and transparent.

How It Works

A seller accesses Instant List through the REX homepage and begins to input information about their home, starting to build their listing’s details and price. Using location and basic features about their home, such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, Instant List immediately estimates a listing price. 

  • Aligns with all local requirements for listing agreements based on market

  • Streamlines paperwork process

  • Quickly shares information about your home with a REX advisor to begin the selling process

  • Provides information about the market and the home’s value, so that you and your REX advisor can develop a custom strategy before listing the home

  • Gives instant feedback on a range of prices for the home and expected time on the market based on that price

Instant List quickly prices every seller’s home with confidence while still considering the unique features of the home and its surrounding market. As the seller provides more information about the features of their home, including an opportunity to write in details, Instant List better customizes its pricing of the home. 

Instant List offers dynamic feedback through a new slider tool on a range of possible prices for the home, making recommendations for prices as it compares other homes nearby. It also offers a comprehensive review of the seller’s expenses, the listing’s price point, and the return a seller might expect with REX versus anywhere else on the market. This information also equips the REX team to position the listing in the market in the most personalized and efficient way, achieving the seller’s goal of either reducing days on market or prioritizing equity in the home.

“No one truly knows how cumbersome a listing agreement is until they’re forced to go through the process. REX is rethinking every aspect of the transaction, and Instant List is a good example of eliminating a hoop that sellers have to jump through. It shouldn’t be this hard; but Instant List is faster, and you’ll get to work with our team of advisors to understand the market, price your home correctly, and maximize your investment.” said Andy Barkett, REX’s Chief Technology Officer. 

REX’s Unified Approach is a Major Advantage for the Seller

With the addition of Instant List, and the recent release of AllHomes, REX now provides price comparison tools on both the buy and sell sides of the transaction. As you may recall, REX’s recent AllHomes announcement brought transparency and savings to buyers; Instant List will do the same for sellers. Instant List is integrated into REX’s broader suite of services and tools. 

Instant List also achieves a unified approach to listing the home despite differing requirements for listing agreements across regions and states. Instant List takes every region’s requirements into account and tailors a listing document for every seller nationwide. Additionally, Instant List auto-generates documents so the seller can review and sign on their own terms, rather than be pressured by an agent.

“This tool helps our team advise the seller on where the house sits in the local market, and what kind of value they can expect from selling their house with REX. Traditionally, the listing agreement can be a tedious, labor-intensive process, but with Instant List we’re automating the vast majority of it to get the customer’s house sold as quickly as possible, and put them in the driver’s seat with the best possible value,” Nikki Werner, REX’s Product Manager for Instant List.

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