REX Execs Take Aim At Zillow In Op-Ed: 'We Had No Choice But To Sue'

Inman reporter Lillian Dickerson takes a look at REX's recent statements about Zillow and NAR

In an op-ed co-written by REX CEO Jack Ryan and REX President Lynley Sides, the pair said they 'won't stop' until policies like NAR's segregation rule no longer impede consumers.

REX Real Estate Co-Founder and CEO Jack Ryan isn’t afraid to make waves in the industry. Now he’s done it again with his fellow REX Co-Founder and President Lynley Sides, in an op-ed co-written for RealClearMarkets released on Friday.

In the op-ed, “Why We’re Taking on Zillow in its Own Backyard,” Ryan and Sides say the discount brokerage couldn’t stand by while Zillow and the National Association of Realtors (NAR) segregated discount brokerages from traditional brokerages on Zillow’s site, so that consumers are less likely to view listings created by discount brokerages like REX. In response to what REX views as a move to reduce competition in the industry, the brokerage sued Zillow, Trulia and NAR at the beginning of March.

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