REX Launches Grackle, Real Estate Industry’s First Real-Time Bidding System

New tool will continue to improve REX's machine-learning process which matches sellers with likely buyers

(Austin, Texas, March 2, 2020) - REX, an Austin-based real estate technology company upending the traditional broker model, announced it was moving Grackle, the industry's first in-house RTB Bidder System, out of beta to continue improving targeting for residential real estate buyers and sellers.

Grackle will continue to improve REX's machine-learning process which matches sellers with likely buyers.

  • Industry First: REX is the first real estate company to launch a completely in-house "bidder" for real-time bidding platforms. 

  • Reducing Days On Market: This sophisticated system allows REX to build increasingly advanced "Big Data" driven strategies to help ensure buyers see the right home for them and sellers can find their buyer faster. In Q4 2020, REX reduced clients' days on market by roughly 65% compared to YoY figures.

  • Streamlines Process With Latest Technology: This system plugs in directly to leading advertising exchanges allowing REX to purchase ads the same way Google, Verizon, and Ogilvy do.

  • Grackle is currently able to monitor and bid on 50.2 billion ad auctions each year and will continue to scale up.  

Quote from REX’s Chief Technology Officer Andrew Barkett: "Grackle's far reach and real-time connectivity to all the major online advertising exchanges will help our clients reduce their days on market. REX continues to roll out tools and services that dramatically improve the real estate shopping, selling, buying, and homeownership management experience."

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