REX Launches Industry First Virtual Showings Application During Global Pandemic

New tool automates safe online home shopping, immediately connects buyers to a REX advisor or schedules a guided online tour

(AUSTIN, TEXAS, Tuesday, June 9) - REX has rolled out a new application that allows homebuyers immediately schedule virtual tours with REX agents through the company’s online platform at The feature, the first of its kind in the real estate industry, centralizes and automates options interested real estate buyers have to learn about a listing, schedule a virtual tour with an agent, and instantly tour the property from the convenience and safety of their couch or mobile device.

Valuable New Tools For Home Shoppers

  1. Schedule times to tour the home with a REX agent.

  2. Automate calendaring for the upcoming tour.

  3. Buyers can immediately view a pre-recorded 3D tour of the property.

  4. The seller and buyer can connect directly via a handheld device tour of the property

In mid-March 2020, REX began developing the application immediately after California’s stay at home Executive Order was issued to address the COVID-19 pandemic. Since that time, the application has been successfully tested with buyers and sellers nationwide. Standardized virtual showings and automated scheduling features are now live for the general public to use at Is This Important?

REX’s virtual showings application is the first of its kind in the real estate industry, adding greater efficiency and consumer control over how to shop and buy a home. The application combines local agent’s knowledge of the property, immediate access to the tour and  convenient scheduling options.

REX’s Chief Technology Officer Andrew Barkett shared his perspective on the significance of the new feature:

“The launch of REX’s virtual showings application is a massive step forward in how Americans shop for homes. COVID-19 introduced virtual tours to the real estate consumers everywhere, but there was already a natural push by interested real estate buyers to search for homes online.

This has been a very chaotic experience for consumers thus far – and we immediately knew we had to build a standardized, easy to use tool at REX. Since Americans began sheltering in place in early 2020, the broader user experience has been very inconsistent with agents trying to schedule time to get in the home, driving to the property and accessing the home itself, and attempting to connect with the buyer via any number of video chat apps – sometimes without WIFI connectivity and spotty streaming footage.

At REX, we see the virtual showings application giving consumers that efficiency and safety they need right now. Everyone is talking about where real estate goes after COVID-19 and I think we are going to start seeing tools focused on giving consumers control over the real estate transaction.”

COVID-19 has proven consumers need better tools to make real estate and home shopping easier. REX is experiencing rapid growth during the global pandemic by offering the greatest savings in the real estate industry and meeting consumers’ specific needs with tools and services that make the real estate transaction fast, simple, and transparent.

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