REX Sees Online Traffic Grow Nearly Three-Fold In Response To 'Life Is Complicated' Ad Campaign

Why is buying or selling a home so complicated?!

REX recently launched a relatable advertising campaign, Life is Complicated, highlighting the traditional costs and frustrations consumers face when transacting real estate. The response has been overwhelmingly positive with traffic to REX's online platform nearly tripling since the start of 2021.

The ad campaign drops at a time when consumers face low inventory, high fees, and difficult decisions during a global pandemic when considering buying and selling real estate. 

"Inventory across the U.S. housing market in Q1 2021 is at the lowest we have seen in decades," said Chief Data Scientist Andy R. Terrel. 

"Further complicating the traditional market is the fact that many sellers remain reticent about opening their doors to potential buyers for home tours," Terrel continued. "As COVID-19 restrictions begin to lift in the coming months, we will witness some self-corrections in the market. Sellers should consider getting their houses on the market as soon as possible before inventory increases shift us closer to a buyer’s market."

REX's online platform solves many of the problems consumers are facing during COVID-19 pandemic and offers a simple 2.5% fee at a time when consumers are concerned about the volatility of home prices. 

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