Industry Reform

Learn about REX's effort to disrupt the traditional real estate industry and deliver a consumer-centric model built on AI and machine learning, the best trained salaried team in the industry, and integrated services.

REX and 40 pro-consumer tech allies call out anticompetitive actions by digital gatekeepers
Lynley Sides Reflects On REX's Advocacy Achievements, Sets Course for 2022 Effort To Grant Home Buyers And Sellers The Same Freedom As Other Consumers
As momentum grows for competition in real estate, REX stands shoulder-to-shoulder with other pro-consumer innovators with letter to Secretary Raimondo
Zillow and big real estate brokers suffer third loss
Louisiana and 41 other states now allow rebates as momentum increases behind REX’s effort to put consumers in control of home buying and selling.
Realtors’ Really Small Move Is Minimally Adequate for Consumers
REX Explains New Study Puts Real Estate Foxes In Charge of Consumer Henhouse
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