Real estate trade group puts cartel economics ahead of accountability to Federal officials and consumers
This important legal fight will continue to play out as Zillow and the National Association of Realtors must now defend their anticompetitive antics on…
REX brief calls out NAR for using incorrect facts to defend the anticonsumer segregation rule
REX applauds the DOJ's filing in REX’s case against the NAR segregation rule, which cordons off homes for sale on Zillow and other real estate websites
Follows on the heels of President Biden’s executive order directing the FTC to look into the industry’s anticompetitive practices
DOJ decision follows REX’s ongoing reform leadership and comment letter filed in February 2021
Offers not considered unless submitted on forms mandated by a members-only brokerage association
Rebate bans impose a material and detrimental burden on homebuyers already strapped for cash because of the record rise in home prices since COVID-19
1985 settlement shows courts and states agree rebate bans are unconstitutional and cost consumers millions of dollars
REX continues fight to end segregation rule that drives up the cost of homebuying, reduces choice, and stifles innovation
High-commission homes on Zillow enjoy a 500 percent increase in views compared to those banished to a hidden tab
REX's brief explains why Oregon's law prohibiting rebates to home buyers in unlawful