Felice will lead REX's sales team supported by AI and machine learning technology to manage the entire transaction experience
Stulski previously led engineering at Uber
Court allows the segregation rule for now, but REX’s challenge continues.
California real estate consumers could have saved $9.2 billion in 2020
The real estate industry has largely gone unchanged for the past century, until now!
Why is buying or selling a home so complicated?!
New tool will continue to improve REX's machine-learning process which matches sellers with likely buyers
Qualia’s digital closing platform provides added security, transparency, and ease in REX’s new end-to-end homebuying experience
The survey results cover effects of low interest rates on buyer behavior, pervasive concerns over real estate fees, and other factors affecting…
REX sellers can more easily afford and complete preparation for marketing their home
Drath brings prior CFO experience from PlutoTV and social media marketing company theAudience
REX users now have the option to sell or rent property based on preference and market realities, while continuing to build wealth in either scenario.